what friends and neighbors
are saying about aleisha


Aleisha has served as the City Council Member for my Ward for the past two years.   I have observed her ability to gather pertinent information and ask tough questions to make independent decisions that best serve her constituents and the other citizens of Norman.   Aleisha does not accept the status quo and is willing to challenge those who provide excuses, incomplete information, or no information.  She exhibits leadership and team building to reach the best resolution of the issue at hand. I believe Aleisha will fully utilize her talents as District 16 State Senator and will be the strong representative we need!

 Jim Jinkins, Ward 2 constituent


I want a state senator who is fully engaged in the community and does not just show up during campaign season.  Aleisha Karjala is my candidate for Senate District 16.  As a city council member, she has rolled up her sleeves, listened to diverse perspectives, is accessible, and accountable.   She has delivered performance not promises.

Paula Roberts, former county election board executive director, Norman Regional Hospital board member


As a Norman City Councilperson, Aleisha has been steadfastly committed to protection of the Lake Thunderbird watershed, storm water management, and water protection zones. Her courageous refusal to accept the OG&E “take it or leave it” franchise has led to constructive negotiations to curtail  pesticides and tree removal in the utility right of way.  We are confident she will be a strong Senate voice for the environment and smart energy policies.

Lyntha and Charles Wesner, longtime Sierra Club members


As a resident of Ward 2, I have found Aleisha to be responsive and attentive to the needs of her constituents and a strong advocate for growth and positive change for Norman.  I had an opportunity to volunteer when she coordinated an evening for Norman to reflect and respond to the awful events in Charlottesville in August 2017.  She approached the effort with openness and inclusion and a sincere hope to help Norman stand for something better.  

Shari Jackson, Norman arts advocate


We offer our unconditional support for Aleisha Karjala in her bid to represent us in the Oklahoma State Senate District 16.  She currently serves on the Norman City Council.  In this role we have found her to be very responsive and interested in the needs and opinions of all Norman citizens.  She is open minded, always willing to listen and consistently well prepared for the many challenges and decisions required of busy and often under appreciated local politicians.  The most telling fact for us is that she is not the city council person elected to represent our particular ward yet she has gone out of her way to understand and face the needs of the whole community – even those constituents outside of her ward.  We believe she will represent all of us – all of us - in making the tough choices that will move Oklahoma forward. 

Lee and Rick Hall



Aleisha was a tireless advocate for the businesses on West Lindsey during the 2 ½ years of construction.  She went out of her way to keep each business informed of the progress and what to expect all while looking out for all the residents of Ward 2.

Mike W. Thompson, Lindsey Street business owner


I believe Aleisha will make a terrific State Senator because of her strength. She knows her mind, and has a calm, self-assured demeanor that makes her very effective. She's also not afraid to stand her ground or push back when the situation calls for it. I've seen her ability to work from a minority position on Council and remain undaunted in the face of majority opposition. 

“Midway” Bob Thompson, former council member


Aleisha Karjala has been a strong supporter of equality and social justice during her tenure on City Council.  She supported Indigenous People's Day, the renaming of DeBarr Street, improved policy for people with physical and mental disabilities, equality for all persons, and providing a voice for racial justice and gender equality.

Kay Ham, chair, Norman Human Rights Commission


Norman is an amazing community of education, business, and social service leaders. And Normanites require that their elected officials lead through commitment, trustworthiness, and responsiveness to all constituents. As an educator and as a City Council member, Aleisha has demonstrated skill and consistency in listening, in thinking practically and creatively, and in providing leadership through her words and actions. She will be a leader for Senate District 16.

Laura Boyd, former state representative and candidate for Governor


Being able to trust public officials is very important to me.  Aleisha is someone who can be trusted--in spades.  She went to bat for the seniors in our community in a way that I have not seen before.  She confirms her ability to earn one's trust by doing what she says she will and if it becomes impossible, she will always let you know. These are qualities I want to see in a state legislator.

Bette Maffucci


Aleisha has proven time and again she is dedicated to helping every person in Oklahoma find common ground in order to better our lives. We need elected officials at the capitol willing to work with the diligence and passion Aleisha has proven to work with during her time serving Norman.

Andrew Sartain